Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Poster for Qui!

We are very excited to show our latest poster for David Yow's (of Jezus Lizard / Scratch Acid) new band QUI!!! We are huge fans of Yow and we took it upon ourselves to make this poster for him. No, we did not get permission or paid to do this poster. We did it on our own free will. I am much more excited to be doing posters "guerrilla style" rather than waiting around for a commission and then tweaking the art to meet everyone's fancy.

The Qui poster was illustrated by MODESTo's old friend, tattoo artist, Josh Stoneberg. Josh and I have talk about collaborating on posters for years now. This is our first of many, I am sure.

We then hand screenprinted these babies at the MODESTo Studio. We decided to print them using 4 color process in attempts to capture all of the fine detail and colors in Josh's original color pencil drawing.

If you would like a Qui poster, they are available at our Etsy store

Look out for a Joanna Newsom poster, coming soon!


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