Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Future of Transportation

I think that I have found the most exciting vehicle ever! The Canadian design company, "Verdier", has developed a new, self sufficient, van based on the original VW Westfalia concept. I spent at least 10 years driving a couple of different Vanagons. I do believe that Vanagons are one of the best designed vehicles, ever.

Here is what Verdier says about their masterpiece:
The new Westfalia Verdier Solar Power.

As with the original Westfalia and the hippy culture, the new VERDIER Solar Power is part of a new culture with its own rituals. It is based on GREEN ENERGY and the PLEASURE to be SELF-SUFFICIENT. This new culture also believes that technology should allow people to understand nature and its power.

For the hefty price of $69,000.00, you can put one in your garage! I need to start playing the lottery!


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