Monday, April 11, 2011

MODESTo will no longer post here

In an attempt to consolidated our "online properties", we will no longer post to this blog. We have also closed our Big Cartel store. For the time being, we will be focusing on our Etsy store for our online sales.
Please visit us at to see what is happening with us.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The iPhone Telephoto Lens

Scroll through your buddies Facebook page after an Arcade Fire show and you’ll probably see an entire album full of shots of a half-dozen-plus dots on stage. If you’re going to rely on your iPhone for your picture taking needs you’re either gonna have to invade the personal space of the person you’re taking pictures of or you’re going to have to invest in an iPhone Telephoto Lens. One of the only things the iPhone doesn’t do (besides make sandwiches which we are still waiting on) is zoom in well when you’re using the camera. This 8x Telephoto Lens connects to your iPhone easily by attaching the included case and snapping on the lens and bumps up your camera’s potential. The set even comes with a tripod to help stabilize your little works of art. $35