Monday, September 24, 2007

Marc Ecko interview

I am always curious to hear people's life stories. I am particularly interested in hearing how people have pursued their passions and made something of it. Whether that be a business, a movement, whatever.

One story that I just stumbled across was an interview with fashion mogul, Marc Ecko (Marc Ecko Enterprises, Ecko Unlimited, Complex Magazine, Zoo York, Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, Avirex, G-Unit Clothing Company, etc) Now, I am not necessarily a fan of the products that Marc Ecko puts out, I am fascinated with the idea that one person (and their team) can do so much. How do you start selling t-shirts out of your apartment and grow that into a dozen different companies?

Anyways, there is a 20 minute video called, "Behind the Business" at the CIT site. You can stream 5 minute segments or download either a full length video or audio podcast.GET IT HERE
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