Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Envelope Project

Here is an envelope that I made to give my friend Max a birthday gift. I used paper that I have used to do test prints while setting up poster jobs. I have a big stack of paper that I keep just for test prints. I just keep adding to them until I think they look good as is. I want to design a line of paper products using this sort of collage method of printing. What do you think? Envelopes, tags, notebooks, cards, stationary?

I have an idea too, to do a t-shirt line using a set of screens, maybe a dozen or so, and make shirts using various combinations of the screens. Every shirt will be unique yet look like a line. I am thinking of calling it "The Screen Set Collection". Then there can be numerous sets over time. Yeah, I like that. If you steal my idea, you will have bad luck for 6 months.

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