Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hi....we are here.....

Hello all..... after fighting the urge many many times to create a blog, I figured....'tis time. I hope to have enough time to maintain it so it is not a dead spot on the wonderful world wide web. I hope to document the life and times of MODESTo!

For those not familiar with MODESTo!..let me introduce ourselves. MODESTo! is the love child of Brad and Stephanie Towell. We currently live in the wonderful, Milwaukee, WI. We make whatever our little hearts desire.... we screenprint, dye, sew and destroy clothing, gig posters, art prints, dolls, etc. Our stuff is sometimes availible for sale on etsy. We also have a neglected website,

As long as you are surfing, check out Stephanie's site... to see her amazing assemblage work.

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